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This blog is completely about the Altay culture. Altaic people live in the Altai Republic in the mountains of Russia. Originally nomadic people, they have several tribes in russia. This blog shows their history of origin, their physical landscape, how the culture makes most of their money, the groups idea of the world today, the rare and 350 differnt species of birds native to Altay, altaic neighbors, why they leave their populations and where they typically settle, and the threats and challenges that the cultures face today and their plan to maintain their culture and traditions.
Traditional Clothes
Altay Cosmos
Altay Cultural Survival
Religion and Language
Altay Festival
Migrations and Diaspora
World of Altay
Birds of Altay

Traditional Altaic Clothes

Altay Cosmos

Altay people feel like the majority of what was sacred  not only to their culture but to most in the world is lost. They believe that religion and tradition are not embedded upon this era like how it once was. The deforestation and introduction to television and internet do not make this problem any better. There are very few pure Altaians left like most indigenous cultures around the world



Academic Journals

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Altay Cultural Survival

Siberian Khant(Altaic Republic) like most indigenous cultures face ethnic survival and cultural landscapes. These highly nature and tradition cultures face assimilation pressures, political subjugation, state economic structures, imposition of russian language, and of course on traditional religion. Besides these cultural and traditional challenges, they also face environmental challenges due to rapid oil industrilization. They are trying to maintain their culture by preserving ancestral lands through inhabitation and restrictions on oil development along with renewed native language development and cultural confidence have all helped in types of cultural preservation.

Altay religion and language

ALTAY AND THEIR CULTURE: Altains speak Turkic, Altaic, Siberian, Altay, Mongolia, and other Japanese/korean languages. There main Religion are Buddhism, Russian Orthdox, Shamanism, and Burkhanism.

Altay festivals: El-Oiyn

Festival held every two years as a national holiday for altiac people. El-Oiyn is a translation for people games/competition. Its a rebirth of altaic traditions and customs. They have three very important olympic games that is the most credited. The hand fighting games "kuresh" has three versions, the achy,the koldomdosh, and the tag kuresh also being the most popular contest.. The second important altaic game is the "Kodurge Tash" which involves lifting a stone and throwing the stone over a horses back. The last and most exciting contest is the "Emdik Uredish" which is a horse competition where the winner wins a car.